Elizabeth came to speak to my sorority in the fall and had an undeniable impact on my sisters and me. In a world where women are constantly being torn down by the media, men, and one another, we are left wanting for a voice to build us up. Elizabeth shows women that we can be that voice for ourselves and for women around us. Through genuine, laughable, and relatable storytelling alongside stimulating and challenging discussion, time spent with Elizabeth will leave you feeling brighter and better than you imagined possible.
— Gretchen Seeling, Towson University

My soul feels most alive when empowering audiences of women to realize and embrace their innate worth, wisdom, and beauty. After living through my mother's addiction and mental illness, learning how to navigate through my grief, and my personal journey of self-love, my greatest passion is guiding women to be the most authentic and resilient versions of themselves so they can lead a life full of joy and freedom. 

As a speaker, storyteller, writer, and life coach for millennials, I lead seminars and workshops for communities of women seeking an inspirational message paired with empowering tools and strategies designed to help unveil their greatest potential.