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When I initially reached out to Elizabeth, I didn’t know what I was looking for, what I wanted, or what I needed. I did know that I had this constant overwhelming feeling in my chest, that never seemed to go away. I knew I needed to address it before it became too much to handle. Elizabeth allowed me to address my thoughts, one at a time and in a place I was comfortable doing so. She didn’t push her opinions on me, telling me how she thought I was feeling, she instead listened and allowed me to reach the conclusion I was looking for on my own.

What I enjoy most about working with Elizabeth is she allows me to find my truth, without judgment. She talks to me about various aspects of my life and in doing so gives me the confidence and strength to understand what I have the power to control and what I simply do not. Her guidance is invaluable.
— Becca Kordon, Towson University, Audit Associate at CohnReznick

Elizabeth is a great listener and extremely understanding. She has struggled with and overcome many similar obstacles as I have which makes her that much more empathetic as she has helped me through tough times in my young adulthood. She has attained a peace within herself that is ever present as she lives out her work that I aspire to attain one day. I am so grateful for Elizabeth’s coaching for through her sound and empowering advice, I am more self-assured, confident, and at ease with my life.
— leighann lockwood, Loyola University, entrepreneur

Meeting Elizabeth at Boston College Women’s Summit during my sophomore year was an incredible blessing. I didn’t know it at the time, but she would become one of the biggest support systems during my hardest semester during college. With academic, emotional, and career obstacles in the path, Elizabeth helped me find my confidence and rebuild myself up. Everything turned around with the help of Elizabeth and her incredible tips, advice, and exercises. I think every college girl should have the opportunity to hear Elizabeth speak and work with her in her private coaching sessions.
— Whitney mcdonald, Boston College

Elizabeth was an absolute joy to listen to at the Boston College Women’s Summit: Own It. As a speaker in both panel & workshop settings, Elizabeth spoke of authenticity, strength, and courage. Elizabeth’s message touched the entire audience, particularly impacting the college age women in the room. At twenty-six years of age, Elizabeth has acquired great wisdom while simultaneously maintaining a relatability that makes her perfect for college and post-college aged women. Her story has a message and a takeaway for all, and we look forward to working with her in the future.
— bella valentini, boston college

I started seeing Elizabeth about a year ago and I can honestly say that because of her coaching I am happier and far more confident. Elizabeth has an incredibly bubbly personality that makes me feel comfortable opening up about problems that I’m facing academically, socially, and personally. I look forward to every meeting I have with her because I know that she will know exactly what to say to pick me up to reach my goals. I’ve loved working with Elizabeth, and I hope others have the opportunity to hear her brilliant words and advice.
— Allison Leatherbury, RPCS, University of Tampa

I met Elizabeth through a leadership program where she served as my mentor for two years. Elizabeth taught me how to be confident in my authentic self, a skill that helped me tremendously when pursuing leadership roles such as campaigning for and getting elected to my college’s SGA Senate during my Freshman year.

Elizabeth is so charismatic, empowering and relatable - she is truly a role model to me and I know she will meaningfully impact so many!
— J.J. Citron, Bryn Mawr, Colgate University

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The first time I met Elizabeth she spoke to my junior class about what it means to embrace your authentic self. After her presentation, I thought to myself, ‘I want to be like her. I want to learn to love myself just like her.’ It wasn’t until my senior year that I was able to work with Elizabeth more closely. Through a program called Baltimore Girls School Leadership Coalition, I was able to talk with Elizabeth about what it means to not only be confident in my own skin, but also to be my authentic self. She taught me how to not just be a good leader, but an effective one. Throughout my whole senior year, I admired Elizabeth for her ability to listen to each young woman that spoke to her, and truly be understanding and helpful. The advice she gave has always stuck with me, and it is because of her that I know I can succeed in anything that I do, and that I should always trust myself. I am extremely thankful to have met Elizabeth.
— Molly Beidleman, RPCS, Catholic University