What I enjoy most about working with Elizabeth is she allows me to find my truth, without judgment. She talks to me about various aspects of my life and in doing so gives me the confidence and strength to understand what I have the power to control and what I simply do not. Her guidance is invaluable.
— Becca Kordon, Audit Associate At CohnReznick

what is life coaching?

Life Coaching is a "designed alliance" between a coach and his/her client. While certain therapies share similarities with life coaching, the most common difference is that coaching enforces the notion that the client holds the power to create positive change in his/her life. While many therapies place an emphasis on the client's past, coaching encourages the client to focus on the present while planning for the future to ensure lasting success. 

my coaching philosophy:

 I believe that we all possess within us the power to create lives and relationships that feel authentic and nourishing. Regardless of what has or hasn't yet happened to us, I believe we must take ownership of our past experiences and future desires so that they can teach us valuable lessons while pushing us forward to grow into our ideal selves. As a life coach, I encourage self-exploration, vulnerability, self-compassion, and a life-long commitment to loving oneself. 

my ideal client:

You are a millennial who is ambitious, curious, and passionate about her future. However, as you've entered into college and your quarter-life years, you are beginning to feel confused, overwhelmed, and full of questions about your journey. Your struggles may include negative self-talk, a misunderstanding of self-worth, feeling directionless in school or your career, a lack of self-compassion and self-love, and a disconnection from your inner wisdom. If you're ready to engage in profound self-reflection, willing to adopt new thought patterns and habits, and prepared to let go of what no longer serves you, I'd love to discuss how my private 60-minute coaching sessions can guide you into becoming the woman you were created to be. It's time to start walking the path of authenticity and freedom. I hope you join me.