why me?

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In life we all go through times of struggle and heartbreak that can lead us to ask the seemingly endless question, “why me?” During our own personal times of hardship, we tend to look around at our peers and conclude that they lead easier lives–have made fewer mistakes than us and haven’t been forced to walk through darkness in the ways that we have. In our core, we know that everyone walks through the valley at some point in their life, but due to our own limited perspective and perhaps even personal bias, we can feel alone in our pain and question the meaning behind the suffering.

After losing my mother over a year ago, I know I questioned, “why me?” As I looked around my life it appeared to me that every girl I saw was standing next to her mother either embarking on girl dates or seeking advice for life, and I envied their reality. To be honest, during some hard days, I still do. But then a voice always comes to me (my prettygirl voice within) and reminds me that I am on my own unique journey, on my way to fulfilling my purpose in life. Everything is unraveling as it should. While I don’t believe that any higher being waves a wand, inflicting pain on anyone just to teach a lesson, I have come to believe that trauma and loss occur every day, and the only way to cope is to ask yourself, “what can this possibly teach me? In the midst if this pain, how can I possibly grow?”

In my own life, I have been able to learn authentic empathy through the loss of my mother. I have also learned how sharing my story (my pain and my resilience) with other women allows me to connect with them very deeply, and inspire them to keep moving forward even through the darkness. Prettygirls, I know it is not easy to make sense out of the hardships in life, and yes, I know sometimes we wish things could just be easy. The way I see it is that we all have a strong, resilient, and lively spirit within us, and in painful times, we can awaken this spirit, learn from this spirit, and become the women we are destined to be. Walk with me through the darkness, won’t you? I’ll hold your hand the entire way.

Always learning,




Elizabeth Piper