I am a speaker, writer, and life coach for millennial women.  


My mission is to empower women to unveil their greatest potential by realizing and embracing their innate worth, wisdom, and beauty. 


After being raised in a household affected by addiction and mental illness, followed years later by the tragic loss of my mother, I have experienced many moments in my life when I've questioned how I would make my way through the darkness.

I spent countless years looking outside of myself for the answers I so desperately craved. During my high school and college years I chased male attention in the hallways and at parties on the weekends. I thought if only I could receive love from a guy, then I would feel worthy and secure in who I was. As I progressed into my early twenties, I felt immense pressure to have everything figured out. From knowing how to be successful in my career and relationships to maintaining a perfectly toned body based on society's standards, I found myself constantly looking to others for affirmation that I was living my life the right way.

Then one early morning in June of 2013, my life changed in a matter of seconds. When I learned the news of my mother's passing, it felt as though time had stopped, and suddenly I was completely and utterly alone. That's one of the many challenges that comes with losing a mother; for nine months we were two souls sharing the same home, and when she died, I felt that part of me died right along with her. I spent the next few years navigating through my heavy grief. In learning to practice self-compassion and self-love, I slowly learned how to pick myself up and in the process grew into a new, awakened version of myself. I finally realized how much of my life I spent looking outward for answers when I needed to be turning inward. 

In 2015, I watched one of my favorite performance poets, Sara Kay, recite these powerful words:

"You are the type of woman

searching for a place to call yours.

Let the statues crumble.

You have always been the place."

These words resonated with me profoundly. Sara Kay had eloquently captured the core of my most trusted and sacred belief - the belief that I, like all of us, am and always will be the place I am ultimately searching for. My soul, like your soul, will always be home. For so long we have lived in a world that has continuously given us the message that women are not enough on our own - that we must always look outside of ourselves for validation, for others to tell us that we are worthy, resilient, wise, and beautiful before ever believing it ourselves. Essentially, we have been made to feel that we are powerless without the approval of others.

But what if we decided to take the power back into our own hands? What if instead of allowing others to judge our worth, wisdom, and beauty, we chose to realize, define, and embrace it for ourselves? Through speaking, writing, and coaching I guide the millennial woman in connecting with her inner wisdom and expressing her authenticity with the world because ultimately, that is the sacred path to living a life of joy, freedom, and peace.